Big picture vision PLUS detail oriented.”

Working with Vanessa is a breath of fresh air. She brings so much energy and passion to any creative, marketing and advertising project. She is detail oriented, while creating amazing campaigns. I highly recommend her to run any type of project from management to marketing to public relations – Vanessa has it all.

— Marianne Sibille, Art Director, Miles Media

“Stellar, professional service.”

Ms. Bell has endless creativity and a vision for harnessing that creative energy in a highly engaging fashion. I think one of her best attributes is her ability to effectively plan and run a project… that’s just not something you normally find as a skill when working with creative folks.

— Scott Heaps, Founder/CEO, Gravity Free

I was fortunate to work with Vanessa on the 3rd annual HATCH Experience, truly a fantastic event that unites and celebrates creativity and collaboration across industries. Vanessa represents those qualities plus many more. Her smarts, focus and passion for bringing HATCH to market was invaluable. She’s one of those people you want to know and work with. I highly recommend her; she knows how to get things done.”

— Scott Kitchen, Account Manager, Native Marketing

“Multi-talented. Invaluable.”

Vanessa Bell has been outstanding as a marketing consultant and as a project manager. She provides invaluable real world experience that can’t be underestimated. Recently she took over a graphic design project and improved the creative direction within a couple of days. She is able to work with difficult technical challenges and she has a superior eye for detail.

— Richard Lobo, Founder, One Planet Ventures

“Creative excellency.”

Vanessa has consistently provided the rare combination of creativity, high aesthetic standards, and a practical business sense to a variety of projects including complex business plans, short deadline marketing campaigns, and business re-branding exercises. She is a joy to work with. The value she contributes always exceeds her fee. Highly recommended.

— Steven Bell, Management Consultant

Vanessa is, indeed, one of the most talented and professional marketing AND graphics person I’ve ever worked with. We worked together on a project for The Sarasota Film Festival, the results were amazing and I hope that we can collaborate again in the near future.”

— Lois Schulman, President, LOGO Investments