Designing beautiful and effective websites
is one of my favorite things to do!

Making it a long, drawn-out process and costing thousands of dollars is not my M.O., nor is it helpful. I feel strongly about offering a service that is accessible to most people. Many design firms charge big bucks for a website, justifying it by providing the ‘full monty’ and having multiple staff working on your behalf. For most small businesses or entrepreneurs this is not an option - most just want an attractive site that describes their services, and perhaps a blog or news page. Even an online shop doesn’t have to be costly if you use the right kind of platform and prepare materials ahead of time.


Three components that make or break a website:
Style + Functionality + User Friendly

I am passionate about creating attractive and intuitive websites that are a perfect reflection of their owners. My designs are modern and uncluttered, with room to breathe, definitely not flashy! And the Squarespace platform is a great complement to my work and philosophy - form AND function! They offer a very intuitive system and unlike with a self-hosted Wordpress site, they take care of all the back-end stuff. Having used both for several years I am a huge fan of the latter's cleaner, more user-friendly websites.


  • Clients are eligible for a 20% discount on the first annual payment of their new website, as I am a Squarespace Circle member.

  • Your website will always look great on any mobile device. As Squarespace templates come with built-in responsiveness.

  • Squarespace automatically backs up your site so no worries about ever losing your valuable content.

  • Squarespace has you covered with basic SEO. We’ll work on your keywords and search engine setup but great content makes all the difference!

  • Once I hand over control of your site, you will love how easy it is to
    update yourself.

  • And, if you don't want to maintain your site yourself I offer ongoing support.

A small selection of many sites designed over the years